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Design Studio
Kitchen, Wardrobes and more

Two spaces to turn a house into a home: The kitchen and wardrobe.

We recognize the importance and the value of your personal space in your home and the necessity for it to be aesthetically appealing and efficient, that is why we have a dedicated team that prioritizes you to realize your vision.

Offering bespoke kitchen and wardrobes – designing your space the way you never knew you needed. Our team possess the sensibility to design luxury to suit your style while considering your storage requirements.

“Good food and a warm kitchen is what makes a house a home.” —Rachael Ray

Initial thoughts to planning your kitchen is to create a space where your family and friends can come together and catch up, creating beautiful memories that can last a lifetime.

"Some people dream of having a big swimming pool. With me, it's closets." —Audrey Hepburn

While you plan your home to accommodate family and friends, the wardrobe is the space we design for you. The walk-in closet you always knew you deserved, to have your bags and shoes displayed in the only logical way – in the spotlight. 

The Process 


Study & analyze your requirements 


Measurements & approvals


Production confirmation


Delivery & installation


Review 3D design 

Meet the Team


Norah Hayat

Design Manager

Norah started her journey at Finasi 7+ years ago as Senior Interior Designer and was promoted to Design Manager for the Technical Department in 2019 to handle the requirements of our high-end cliental offering them bespoke solutions for their ever-evolving wardrobe and storage necessities.

Combining her technical precision and interior design knowledge, Norah’s sensibility stands out when planning and designing, delivering the finest solutions for all wardrobe and kitchen needs.

Anoop Profile.jpeg

Anoop Haneefa

Senior Designer 

Anoop joined the Finasi team back in 2014, with a total of 15+ years in the industry, Anoop’s vast experience has had a vital role in the success of our Kitchen and Wardrobe department.

Along with his Interior Design aptitudes, Anoop continuously communicates and liaises between the clients and engineers while also supervising the installation of the designs to guarantee the clients satisfaction.

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